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Ryan Xu
Billy Huang
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Jerry Ge
MoMo Beijing #22 Mobile Platforms 2008-09-22
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Far away from the Olympic Fever, a quiet revolution has been taking place away from the eyes of consumers in the mobile OS space. In this session diving into the mobile OS, our speakers will introduce the various platforms competing to control the brains of mobile handsets. Each has its own technical assets, its revenue or licensing model, its supporters, all forming unique co-operative ecosystems which have a direct impact on application and service deployment, as well as on the commercial viability of many software and value-added service developers.

If many end users understand what is Windows Mobile, the little visibility for consumers of names like Symbian, Android or LiMo do not reflect their actual impact on the mobile ecosystem. With Symbian going open source after its acquisition by Nokia, and Android positioned as an open platform, we will discuss :

- What is going to happen to proprietary systems?
- What does it mean for the cost of material for mobiles?
- What kind of impact will it have on services deployment?
- And… what is to gain for end-users?

Ryan Xu    CEO
Eloo Mobile
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