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MoMo Beijing #33 Report From Silicon Valley 2010-02-01
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In early January, the Mobile Internet Great Wall Club, a China-originated C-level global organization took a group of Chinese and Japanese executives for a 10-days trip to the heart of Silicon Valley – stopping by CES in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Palo Alto to meet with leading companies in the region.

Among the companies met were Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Tapulous and many more!

The target was to get the pulse of the Valley and see what could be applied to China, or what could China bring to Silicon Valley. This Mobile Monday #33 is co-organized by the Great Wall Club to share the learnings from this trip, covering:

How is China doing compared to US in mobile? Are there services China can bring from US? Are there services China can bring to US? What are the hot companies in the sector and what is their story?

How are the top guns – Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. – planning their mobile strategy?

Yiqun Bo    Vice Secretary General
Mobile Internet Great Wall Club
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