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MoMo Beijing #39 Summary Zero Distance MWC2011 & SXSW 2011-03-28
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We had a close feel of the "2011 Mobile World Congress" and "South by Southwest" this time!

On 28th March eve, the 39th Mobile Monday Beijing event was held in the conference Hall of Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Organized by Orange Labs Beijing, the session has attracted around 150 attendees and many developers have showed great interests in the latest trend of the international mobile industry. Thanks for our session partner, Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences, provider of the venue, we had KeyTone Ventures, Sony Ericsson, CASEE and TechNode with us for a great brainstorming night.

Eric Tao from Keytone ventures, Charlie Liu from Sony Ericsson, and Xin Ye from CASEE talked about MWC2011 from different angle, however, with the same voice that Android is the hottest thing for certain this year. While Gang Lu from TechNode, shared some new blood from SXSW. Augmented Reality, LBS…lots of things happening! But one thing is definitely needs to be rethink: technology is not just about technology, it more about life now!

Eric Tao    Principle
Keytone Ventures
Eric shared a nice overview of the hot areas in MWC2011, from the aspects of infrastructure, components, devices, platforms, and applications. As an investor focused on hi-tech, he expressed his opinion regarding the future trend of mobile industry, and what factors investors would take into account upon making decisions.
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Summary Zero Distance MWC2011 & SXSW      

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