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Benjamin JOFFE
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MoMo Beijing #23 Mobile Social Networks 2008-10-27
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In a recent edition of the MIT Technology Review, an extensive column was titled “Can social networking sites make money?“. We are happy to share that several companies in Japan and Korea are already making million dollars of profit, even from mobile (150 million USD last year for one of them). Now, what is the situation in China?

Telecom operators have launched social networks recently: China Telecom (ChinaQ, web+3D), China Mobile (Mompy.com, web+mobile) and China Unicom (sns.u-powerbook.com, web only). Large SNS are extending their reach to mobile (QQ, Xiaonei) Some specialized players have come up, gathering millions of users

During this 23rd Mobile Monday session on October 27, social network industrialists will share their insights on the present and future of mobile SNS in China, join and find out:

What are the market perspectives? Who is best positioned? When will SNS be able to monetize their service?

Benjamin JOFFE    CEO
Plus Eight Star
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