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MoMo Beijing #41 Technology · Design · Life 2011-05-31
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Neither design nor technology can be discussed alone. Both of them are aiming at delivering a better life. While technology is focused on fulfilling the functionalities of a product/service, design is more about how to present such functions. Nowadays, how to well combine technology and design has become a key to be successful. Apple is such an example. It created a loyal generation which is dedicated to what the brand is insisting: a fashionable and cool lifestyle.

Today, when more and more technologies are getting mature, what’s more? Augmented Reality, LBS, Brain Technology… To what extend can our life been changed by such technologies? And how to present these innovation in a more user friendly form? In this special event, we wish to have a deeper brainstorm with you for these questions.

Cooperated with Beijing Design Week, which will host from 28th September to 3rd October this year, with design topics covering nine industries ( http://www.bjdw.org/en/index.html ), this special MoMo Beijing event will focus on what technology and design can bring to our life. Three sections are included:

Sharing. We invite innovators from both design and mobile technology fields to share their experiences in product design and UX (User Interface, User Experience etc) design. We will also share view on how technolgy and design can change lifestyle which is something key to a succesful product.

Show. And where do you get inspirations? Improv and Music! Beijing Improv, a non-profit improv art organization founded 5 years ago, will bring us a stage show about technology, design and life. We will also have a secret band who will play us a nice song.


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