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MoMo Beijing #44 The Evolution – Mobile App & SNS Game 2011-08-26
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Mobile Monday Beijing had the pleasure to present a special event on the 25th August around the topic of “Mobile Apps and SNS Games”. Guests with global insights and rich experiences attended this event and made interesting sharing with the MoMo community.

The Palo Alto based research firm Inside Network provides the first service dedicated to providing news and market research to the Facebook platform and social gaming ecosystem. Its founder Justin Smith made the first keynote presentation about Facebook SNS game ecosystem and new trends in the market. He specifically addressed Monetization issue with Facebook Credits and its impact to the whole ecosystem. With a brief analysis of Zynga’s success story, he pointed out future trends for game developers to consider. As small casual game has more difficulty in monetization, midcore (between hardcore and casual) game could be the next target for game developers. Then he also shared insights about mobile SNS games and HTML5.

AppAnnie provides in-depth statistics and data analyze on iOS app performance. Based in Beijing, this company is serving developers from all over the world including Zynga, EA, SEGA, Rovio, etc. The founder of AppAnnie, Bertrand Schmitt, gave the second keynote presentation and shared rich data analysis information about iOS game consumption, with a focus on in-game purchase.

Two panel discussions followed the keynote presentations to have deeper discussion around the two major topics: SNS Game and Mobile App/Game, hosted respectively by Akio TANAKA, founder of Infinity Venture Partners, and Zili Ren, CEO of AppLeap.

Panellists joining the discussions include Justin Smith, Tomohiro Ebata of KDDI, An Jing of Rekoo, Jin Hashimoto of Gree China, Richard O’Connell of Papaya Mobile, Brad Sun of Tencent, Kim-Mai Cutler of Inside Network, and Junde Yu of TapJoy.

Kim-Mai Cutler    Lead Writer
Inside Network
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