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MoMo Beijing #45 LBS, How can you monetize? 2011-09-27
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We’ve been talking about Location Based Service for quite a while. Since FourSquare made location check-in popular in 2009, LBS has attracted lots of attention in the mobile industry. Third party LBS providers develop game based location services to obtain more user engagement. Retailers also start to apply this technology to attract more customers. TopShop, the British fashion retailer targeting on young generation, recently works with SCVNGR, a location based gaming developer, to promote their goods when the new semester starts in September. Anyone within 500 meters distance to the retailer’s shops can play games on SCVNGR’s platform. Winners will obtain real world rewards with either discount or goods in the shop.

We tend to see more and more examples like this. How to monetize is always a question for all LBS developers. What is the value proposition of a location? When would a location be payable by clients? In February, MoMo Beijing has brainstormed new services/opportunities can be developed with location. This time, we will discuss how these services can generate value proposition to the users. We will have MoMo Boston & NYC organizer, and SkyHook, a location core engine provider, be with us. They will share successful cases with us in the global market scope. Meanwhile, we will also have local companies in the area of E-Commerce, Gaming, picture sharing, coupon, event organization, etc, and LBS Vision, an independent LBS related observation blog, to share with us their latest thoughts on LBS business models. We hope such communication can help local developers and international LBS companies have a better understanding of mutual market demands and position.

Maggie Taylor    Marketing Manager / Organizer
Skyhookn Wireless / MoMo Boston & NYC
LBS Core Engine Provider
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