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Andy Lee
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MoMo Beijing #27 Mobile Advertising 2009-03-30
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:: Welcome to our new sponsor Tieto! Headquartered in Finland and with close to 17 000 experts in more than 30 countries and annual net sales about EUR 1.7 billion, Tieto is the largest IT service company in Europe ::

It has been already 3 years since our first event on mobile advertising (it was Mobile Monday Beijing #2!). The number of mobile users almost doubled and you might wonder if usage of mobile ads and mobile marketing has evolved since then.

Our speakers will present their views on the latest changes in the market.

How large is the mobile ad/marketing market? What are the most successful channels?

What are some of the best practices?

And our usual multi-billion dollar question: Will 3G help?

Andy Lee    Director, Digital Media
NBA China
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