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Karl J. Weaver
Scully Meng
MoMo Beijing #28 Shanzhaiji (山寨机) 2009-05-11
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By now you probably heard the term “Shanzhai” or “bandit”. Trend, counter-culture, anti-mass market, there are many ways to describe it. In the telecom industry, the estimated 250 million “bandit phones” or shanzhaiji (山寨机)manufactured in 2008 had a deep impact on the results of tier 1 manufacturers and major local brands. This #28 session titled “Shanzhaiji: Creative copycatting, industry threat?” will investigate the economics, legal, creative and cultural aspects of what has been recognized as a major force in the mobile market. The event will take place at OrangeLabs’ Innovation Gardens in Zhongguancun.

Karl J. Weaver    Principal
Newport Technologies
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Shanzhaiji (山寨机)      

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