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MoMo Beijing #47 Bringing Asian Innovation Inspiration to Europe 2011-12-07
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Asia is now becoming a major source of innovation of Internet & Mobile Internet. In each sub-domain there are one or several giants competing with their Silicon Valley counterparts, and making remarkable results. Regionally Alibaba has beaten eBay in B2B and B2C services; Mixi, DeNA, GREE, Cyworld are dominating the SNS and gaming industry in Japan and Korea. The Chinese search engine giant Baidu, SNS and IM leader Tencent are dominating the Chinese market. Being top 5 Internet Companies worldwide, these two companies and expanding aggressively in an international scale. Now with the trend moving from Internet to Mobile Internet, we see the same phenomena happening in Mobile Internet.

Entrepreneurship is another main topic in Asia with an aggressive involvement of entrepreneurs and investors worldwide. TechCrunch (the leading Silicon Valley tech blog) is fully aware of this and chose Beijing as the venue for their first out sea event TechCrunch Disrupt 2011, an event dedicated to startup and innovation. With the first generation of startups growing into Internet leaders like Baidu and Tencent, the current tide of Mobile internet entrepreneurship, with a heavy contribution from global investment, is pushing a next generation of giants of Mobile Internet.


- Baidu (about Baidu: http://ir.baidu.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=188488&p=irol-homeprofile)
Baidu is the 3rd largest online search engine worldwide, and a top 5 Internet company in terms of market cap. They are equally aggressive in Mobile Internet as in Internet, with its cloud based service strategy targeting mobile devices through various channels, including browser, Web App, maps, etc. Baidu will share its vision on mobile business and its strategy about global partnership.

- Qoncept (http://qoncept.jp/)
Based in Japan, Qoncept has a series of success in introducing Augmented Reality technology into mobile services, building mobile games and applications. Combining innovation in technology, service and business models, they have a vision of a promising future.

- Total Immersion (http://www.t-immersion.com/)
Total Immersion is also a major Augmented Reality company demonstrating its strengths in applying AR technology in different industries for marketing purpose. Although based in France, Total Immersion regards the Asian market as a major component of its global strategy.

- NetQin (http://www.t-immersion.com/en/)
NetQin is the pioneer of Mobile security. With the rise of smart phones with open systems like iOS and Android, security issues become more and more a threat to these devices. NetQin has established their leading position in the global mobile security sector with continual innovation brought to the market.

- Tencent (http://www.t-immersion.com/) (TBC)
With its enormous success in SNS and IM services, Tencent is the 4th largest Internet Company owning one of the world’s largest SNS communities. Mobile Internet is Tencent’s current battle field. It has brought its core competence into this field with mobile SNS, mobile IM, and so on.

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Bringing Asian Innovation Inspiration to Europe       

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