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MoMo Beijing #48 Focusing on Mobile World Congress 2012 2012-03-13
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Orange Labs Beijing continues to support and organize Mobile Monday Beijing events in 2012. The 1st event in 2012 took place on the 12th of March in the Innovation Garden or Orange Labs.

This 48th edition of Mobile Monday Beijing event focused on Mobile World Congress which took place in Barcelona in 27 Feb ~ 1 Mar. This MoMo event invited people and companies who had actively participated in this event to share their experience, ideas and information.

Jason Lim, editor and blogger of technode shared his insight about this event. He was an representative of Chinese independent tech bloggers, and was invited by Orange communication team to join this Congress and share his blogs with Orange Live Blog. At the MoMo event, Jason shared his insights from different angles including APP trends, new mobile services, etc. He mentioned some mobile innovations from China, including the enriched mobile input method TouchPal, provided by Cootek. He also discussed the future trends of mobile native apps vs. services accessed through mobile web.

Michelle Wei of Nokia shared the same presentation that its Developer Experience SVP Marco Argenti gave at the Congress, to show the latest movements of its newest handsets, including the Lumia series and PureView 808. She brought several experience phones of these different models to the event and let the audience try them with great curiosity. The PureView 808 phone was a major focus of this evening event.

A panel discussion follow these two presentations, joined by Jason, Michelle, Moco from Baidu and Linda from Umeng, and covered more detailed information regarding this Congress, including new device announcements, Apple’s absence and the following new iPad, Nokia’s coming back, etc.

About 120 people attended this event.

Jason LIM    Editor
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