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Dongsheng Xue
Jessica Zhang
Lei Zhang
MoMo Beijing #52 互联网公司的智能手机 2012-07-30
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Firefox OS, Xiaomi Phone, and Dianxin OS, the three challengers of the Internet Smart Phone business gathered at the 52nd session of Mobile Monday Beijing, evening of July 30th, and shared their view and strategy in this area.

The positioning of the current Smart Phone market seems quite clear. Dominated by two platforms, iOS and Android, with the major part of profits shared between Apple and Samsung, this market doesn’t seem to leave a lot of space for new comers. Event the traditional players, including Microsoft, Nokia, and HTC, are having a hard time.

But Internet companies are showing increasingly interests into this already very competitive market. While Facebook and Amazon are expected to jump into the Smart Phone business, their counterparts in China are more aggressive in launching their own phones. At the same time, debates go on around whether Internet companies’ Smart Phone will be a right choice, and about where to move towards web based system and Apps.

Firefox-Mozilla’s senior project manager XUE Dongsheng shared their entirely Web based Firefox OS, plus the Firefox App Marketplace. With all its technical advantages, Firefox OS is actively pushing its Web APIs into Open Web standards, to avoid proprietary interfaces. And Firefox’s App Marketplace aims to build a cross-platform Web App distribution channel on all smart phone OS, allowing users to pay for an App once, and have it on all smart devices of different platforms.

Xiaomi Phone has already had a phenomenal success in the Chinese market. Launched in Aug 2011, Xiaomi has shipped more than 3M phones. Combing Miliao (Xiaomi IM), MIUI (Xiaomi customized Android) and the phone itself, Xiaomi has created a cultural phenomenon, with a huge group of loyal fans. (More than 10M users are using it MiLiao service.) With its recent fund raising of $240M, Xiaomi’s extimated market cap is up to $4B. Jessica ZHANG shared with us her view and experience at Xiaomi.

Dianxin OS CEO ZHANG Lei has a rich experience in the Mobile Internet Industry, and shared his understanding of opportunities in the Smart Phone ecosystem, for both entrepreneurs and big Internet companies. Dianxin confirms its leading position as an Android system tool/service provider, and aims to be a leading App/WebApp distribution channel. On the bottom of these, Dianxin also provide customized Android OS for its hardware partners.

Dongsheng Xue    Senior Project Manager
FireFox / Mozilla
After their long-time experience and success in Internet browsing, Mozilla enters into smart phone OS with the brand new Fire Fox OS. Previously named “Boot to Gecko”, this is an entirely web and HTML5 based OS, and is said to target the world’s lower-end smart phone market segments.
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