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MoMo Beijing #55 智慧城市案例分享 2012-10-29
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Mobile Monday Beijing and CMoDA CoINNO Lab invite pioneers of “Smart City” area to showcase their activities and discuss the future of this industry.

The gathering of people, resources and information is making cities a more and more complex environment. Different pressures are decreasing cities’ efficiencies, which is against the purpose of cities to facilitate people’s life. Air and water pollution, traffic jam, energy problems, waste disposal, etc, are becoming emergent problematic that almost all major cities are facing. At the same time, information technologies and the Internet are changing the whole world in an amazing way. How to use these technologies to serve the cities, to make the smart, and to make city life better and more efficient, is the key question that “Smart City” is trying to answer, and is attracting attention from governments, companies and organizations.

Information and communication technologies and infrastructures are playing an important role in “Smart Cities”. They are not only helping people in their communications, but go on to interconnect more and more machines from different industries, to make cities’ information travel more freely. Today’s society is generating huge amount of data each second. A better treating of big data can reveal hidden realities. A smart and sometimes artistic visualization of the data can help people easily understand and embrace complicated concepts and ideas.

“Smart City” combines divers technologies, innovation from different industries, connecting governments and enterprises. Mobile Monday and CMoDA CoINNO Lab work together to continue the topic of “GeoCity Smart City” from Beijing Design Week, and invited industry insiders to showcase their activities and share insights about this topic.

19:00 - Doors Open with Snacks 准备入场及茶点

19:30 - 21:00 – Speeches 演讲分享

• 社交媒体与数据挖掘的数字艺术化
于霄 | 创始人 | 宏博知微
Yu Xiao | Founder | Weiboreach

• 大数据视觉展示案例分享
李雨| 创始人 | LxU 信息设计工作室
Li Yu | Founder | LxU Studio

• 信息设计提升智慧城市应用水平
中华世纪坛数字艺术馆“智慧城市-国际信息设计展”策展人 杨磊
Yang Lei | CMoDA CoINNO Lab

• 法国的创新智慧城市项目 | Innovative Smart City Projects in France
苏乐 | 咨询师 | Idinvest Partners
Patrick Schuler | Consultant | Idinvest Partners

• 智慧城市的问题,技术与案例分析 | Smart City: Problematic, Techniques and Case Studies
Bertrand David | 教授 | 法国里昂中央理工大学
Bertrand David | Professor | Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Xiao  Yu     Founder
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