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Bo Yu
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MoMo Beijing #56 HTML-5: about the Road Ahead 2012-11-26
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HTML-5 is considered one of the next big moves of the Mobile Internet. It’s reported as the fourth App development platform, just after iPhone, iPad and Android Phone, and even before Android Tablet, by Appcelerator earlier this year. Even with much controversy, Web Apps empowered by HTML-5 standards are increasingly attracting developers world wide. But HTML-5 also has its own problems, as difficulties in cross-platform support, and problems in global standardization, etc. What is the way for mobile developers to adopt this new technology? Where are the fit domains that HTML-5 will manifest its strengths? We will focus on these questions in this session of Mobile Monday Beijing.

Bo Yu    Vice President
Innovalley (Former Rekoo VP)
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HTML-5: about the Road Ahead       

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