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MoMo Beijing #57 Internet of Things-- The Next Opportunity 2013-04-09
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Zhongguancun Internet of Things Industry Alliance, Orange Labs Beijing, Mobile Monday Beijing invite you for the joint event “Internet of Things-- The Next Opportunity” and MoMo Beijing 57# on 9th, April, 19:00.

"The Internet of Things" (IoT) -- also known as machine-to-machine (M2M) – become one of the hottest topics in 2013. Whether an internet-connected thermostat controlled remotely by a smartphone app, smart glasses capable of displaying driving directions, or machines talking to each other over the internet, it is clear that mobile is not just about smartphones and tablets anymore.

Now, all operators and large services providers are predicting huge growth in connection over the mobile networks in the coming year. This hot topics is pushing us to keep the momentum going and continue to scout out what is going on in China in this market. We'll take a look at the vision of what's coming, discuss the practicalities of how this is going to be implemented, what this means for consumers and what the opportunities are for developers and entrepreneurs, including new business models. It's a big topic but we have a great panel to help us understand it, so it will have interest for those who are expert in this area and also to those for whom it's new.

Zhongguancun Internet of Things Industry Alliance,Orange Labs Beijing and Mobile Monday Beijing invite pioneers of “M2M and loT” area in China to showcase their activities and discuss the future of this industry. Join us a panel of experts as they discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by the diverse and growing field of non-traditional internet-connected devices.

Xiao Ruijie     Senior Project Manager
Orange Labs International Center Beijing
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Internet of Things-- The Next Opportunity      

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