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MoMo Beijing #58 Wearable Computing 2013-05-27
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Free Event, Sponsored by
Zhongguancun Internet of Things Industry Alliance and Orange Labs International Center Beijing

Wear a watch, or glasses? Perhaps you run with a pedometer in your shoe or a heart rate monitor on your chest? Or having Iron Man-style HUD glasses along with hoverboards and flying cars? All of these are probably one of a geek’s most-requested “future gadgets.” These technologies have one thing in common. They allow humans to augment their sense of time, improved hearing, passive awareness of distances, greater sight.

With advances in sensors and wireless, the age of wearable tech is swiftly approaching. Wearable computing devices are projected to explode in popularity over the next year and with a wave of new gadgets set to hit the consumer market, could soon become the norm for most people within several years.
Wearable computing is not just a Made In America phenomenon. China is getting in on the act, too. Zhongguancun Internet of Things Industry Alliance,Orange Labs Beijing and Mobile Monday Beijing invite pioneers of “wearable computing and smart device” area in China to showcase their innovative devices and discuss the future of this industry. Join us a panel of experts as they discuss the opportunities and challenges and growing field of non-traditional internet-connected devices.

Tony Zhang     CEO of NeroSky China
NeroSky China
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