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Danny  HUANG
Scott  Li
Junfeng Hu  
MoMo Beijing #59 Smart Device Innovation 2013-06-27
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With advances in sensors and wireless, the new age of smart device is swiftly approaching. Internet of Things and wearable smart devices are projected to explode in popularity and with a wave of new gadgets set to hit the consumer market, could soon become the norm for most people within several years.

China is getting in on the act, too. Orange International Center Beijing and Mobile Monday Beijing co-organize Mobile Monday Beijing Special issue at MAE Shanghai 2013 on 27th June. We invite pioneers of “Smart device,wearbale computing and NFC” area in China to showcase their innovative products and discuss the future of this industry. Join us a panel of experts as they discuss the opportunities and challenges and fast growing field of non-traditional internet-connected devices.

Danny  HUANG    VP
Geak Watch
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